Your Kids Might Actually be Too Cool For School

Our first day starting our unschooling journey!

Our first day starting our unschooling journey!

In the school system, brilliance is judged by a child’s ability to imitate and model the behaviors and concepts that are deemed acceptable by strangers who have no idea who they are or who God has intended them to be. Why do we then trust a system to educate and dictate how and what our children learn? Why do we subject our children to systems that care more about the functionality of the classroom than each individual student. Here’s my stance: public schooling isn’t for every child! There are children who naturally reject formal classroom education and we call those kids troublemakers. Perhaps those kids aren’t the problem, maybe we are the problem. Maybe it’s the system. I have done a lot of soul searching and tons of research on this subject so my opinion and beliefs are pretty solid. If you ever get the chance, please research about how the school system and common core came about. Your mind will be blown! If you’re not a researcher like me, just stay tuned for more blogs to posted on this subject.

A Story About a Kid Named Buzz

Buzz is a first grader. I’ve never met him, nor have I even seen him. I only know of him through my niece who comes home from school talking about him while i'm on video chat with her mom. My niece Kynslee loves to act out Buzz’s interactions with their teacher in such a way that I feel like I was in the classroom witnessing it myself. I hope I can type out one of the many interactions just as good as she acts it out. So, here it goes:

One day, Buzz has his feet up on the desk stretching his legs, and is also rocking his upper body back and forth in his seat. The teacher comes over and says, “Buzz, stop doing that right now.” Buzz replies, “Please do not disrupt me from my workout.” The teacher then slams her hands on Buzz’s desk, gets close to his face and yells, “Excuse me! You do not tell me what to do in MY classroom!” 

Was Buzz Actually Wrong?

To most people, Buzz would probably be considered a trouble maker or disruptive, disrespectful and needs to learn how to behave in a classroom. My opinion: Buzz sounds freaking amazing! Buzz sounds like he is very articulate and is great at expressing his feelings. Buzz also understands his need to move around and exercise throughout the day. This kid clearly has boundaries and isn’t afraid to call out those that cross them. But unfortunately, the school system won’t see it that way. If he doesn’t change, he might have a troublemaker reputation attached to him up until he graduates. God forbid he keeps up this act of high self-esteem and self concept. He’ll ruin every classroom he steps into.More than likely, his mom will be encouraged to get him medicated. Let me explain further what the school system- by design-  will do to children like Buzz. 

Real Truth on the School System

The school system, with all of its rules, is designed to teach children that they can’t think for themselves. That is why children have to ask for permission to go to the bathroom. They even have to ask to go get a drink of water. Why is that? Are children really not capable of making those decisions for themselves? I remember as a child, there would be times that classmates would have accidents because the teacher refused to excuse that child to go to the bathroom. Are kids not smart enough to know when they need to go to the restroom? Children are told when to sit, and when to stand, when to work and when to take breaks. Inherently, what is being implied and embedded into the minds of our children is that they are not capable and they need someone else to think for them. Not allowing children to make, even some decisions will cause them to be dependent on someone else to do it for them. So during childhood, we are conditioned to be told what to think, and punished when we deviate from the schedule that is set for us. This way of thinking has even polluted our households. If you grew up in a house like mine, speaking up for yourself or asking for an explanation was grounds for a punishment. “BECAUSE I SAID SO!”, is also a common response us parents love. What we are really doing is implying that our children aren’t capable of making decisions or having an opinion. This toxic way of thinking causes children to not trust their own feelings or thoughts. As a result we should rely on someone “more qualified” to think for us. 

Not all children are designed for the classroom

Not all children are designed to thrive in a classroom setting! I’ve seen so many children that have been put on medication because teachers are having difficulty controlling them. They may have short attention spans, or unable to focus, and society says, something is wrong with that child and they need to be fixed. What the drugs do is make the child easily controlled. I  cannot understand why a parent would care more about the functionality of someone else's classroom than your child’s well being and health. Could changing the child’s environment be a solution? Why must we force our children to fit in this mold that society created? One of the reasons I chose to homeschool is because my son’s kindergarten teacher constantly complained about my son not controlling his impulses. He would get overly excited when manipulatives were used for a lesson, he would always break crayons, chew his erasers off, and just break whatever he could get his hands on. Now I will be honest and say that as Kade’s mom, I would get very annoyed by those things as well. To fix the problem, Kade’s teacher put his desk in a corner, away from all the other kids and did not allow him to use any of the classroom manipulatives. As a result, my son felt that something was wrong with him. His self-esteem plummeted. I will be honest and say I didn’t understand him either. I would get so upset when I would constantly have to buy new pencils and household items because he loved breaking things. I would constantly ask him what’s wrong with him. (Sidebar: Never use that statement, as it implies that something is actually “wrong” with that child) When I began to research and change my way of thinking, I realized I was wrong! Instead of trying to change him, I would give him objects that he could break. As I continued to study his behaviors, I also realized that my son loved taking his cars apart because he was curious about how they worked. He has a true passion for designing and building cars. I began buying him Lego sets. I even allowed him to disassemble his toy cars. He and his dad once took the wheels off of a Hot Wheels truck to paint them and then they put the car back together. Things like that really excite him and is now what his schooling consists of. He has an R/C car that he is currently building and it is teaching him in a way that a classroom could never! Now do I expect teachers to have the same kind of love and dedication to figure out what’s best for my child? Certainly not! That is exactly why I choose to educate my own children. 

Don’t Stress, you might be raising a genius!

If you are a parent to kids anything like Buzz or Kade, you may be stressed and at your wit’s end. You may constantly ask yourself, “What’s wrong with my kid?”. From mother to mother: STOP STRESSING! As a parent, your livelihood should not be dependant on how well  your kids perform in school! I say that because a child’s performance in school is in no way indicative of how intelligent a child is.Whether you homeschool or not, as parents, it is our job to cultivate our kid’s gifts and passions. We must cultivate their God given purpose. So, don’t get discouraged when your child isn’t performing well. Don’t get upset that your child doesn’t fit into “the box” that society has set for us. If they don’t fit, maybe it isn’t for them. Maybe they weren’t meant to be normal. Maybe they aren’t supposed to be employees. Just maybe, they are actual geniuses and traditional schooling is dimming their light! There are several geniuses and billionaires that dropped out of school. Why? Because they didn’t fit. They figured out that their purpose was somewhere outside of the traditional classroom. The world is an even better classroom! So mom or dad, I want to encourage you today to rethink what you’ve been taught. Challenge the ideas that have been embedded into our minds and do your own research. Figure out what is best for your little genius and just do it. Do it without the worry of other people’s opinions. Do it without hesitation. Do it because you love your child unconditionally. Do it because our future depends on it. Do it because you didn’t come across this post by chance. Lastly, allow your children to speak up and to have a voice. Kids like Buzz shouldn’t be kept quiet. They should be allowed to say what’s on their mind in a tasteful way just as Buzz did when he politely asked his teacher not to disrupt him. Teach them how to use their voices because their thoughts matter and some day could be a vehicle of change.