4 Advantages to Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom!


“I truly believe women can do it all, but that does not mean we have to!”


Moms are the glue that hold families together. We have this crazy ability to influence our children and husbands while also setting a climate that is conducive to the functioning of our households. Our talent is unmatched!

I used to be be a working mom of three, so I am very familiar with the busy working mom life . My day to day schedule consisted of me waking early in the morning, getting myself and kids dressed for school and daycare. Then, driving 45 minutes in traffic just to get to work, go home, cook dinner, feed and bathe the kids, then do it all over again. My husband helped me when I needed it, but, most of the responsibility of home and kids fell on me! I am almost 100 percent sure that most working moms can relate. I don’t understand why a woman is expected to provide and take care of home and kids, while the husband provides and only contributes when asked to, or when he feels like it. Not fair at all!

Working moms are super heroes and it’s awesome to see women handle their responsibilities with grace, but, Thank God, that life is behind me! Being a stay-at-home mom has truly changed the dynamic of my marriage and our family function in the most positive way! So now, I will give you some advantages to staying home! Yes there are disadvantages, but girl, we’ll talk about that another time, okay?

  1. It can bring balance to a marriage

    Going from two incomes, to one was a challenge in the beginning, but somehow it strengthened my marriage. Yes, it old-school, but, my husband stepping up and being the sole provider of our household made us stronger. It’s something special to see a man really act as “The Man” in the home. It warms my heart seeing my husband work hard just to make sure we have what we need and want. In return, I get to show my appreciation by keeping my home and children in tact. I also have more time to do that “thing” he likes! LOL! I’m gonna be really honest and say, a full day of work would be so stressful that, at the end of the day, I wanted to do nothing more than to just get some sleep! It’s a win win situation, right? Everyone is happy with this system, and in my case, gender roles certainly work us. (By the way, my husband says he approves this message!) While I understand that this set-up may not be ideal for every family, it is definitely for us!

  2. You have more time to do the things you enjoy

    Okay, this part does not apply to me since I home school, but I often fantasize about what life would be like if my kids were in school. This is still a very nice advantage that is worth noting. Being a working mom is so demanding that we often don’t have a life outside of work and home. As moms, we need time to ourselves for self development, hobbies, or sometimes just relaxing. We give so much of ourselves to family, work, and friends that we forget to refuel. How can you pour from an empty cup? Just think about how awesome an uninterrupted trip to target would be. Or maybe you’re wanting to take up a yoga class during the day. That would be totally possible! There are even stay-at-home-mom groups that you can join so you don’t feel alone. Taking up new interests or hobbies can be so rewarding and a great avenue to self-care.

  3. You can start that business that you’ve been thinking about!

    You may think that starting a business will put you back into the “working mom” category, and maybe it kind of does, but it could still give you that flexibility that you need. Often times, working in Corporate America can keep you so busy that you put your dreams on the back burner. I understand that working a 9 to 5 provides a steady paycheck, but how much more amazing would your life be, doing something you absolutely love, even if you’re doing it for free? I cannot stress enough at how much I enjoy home schooling my children, and now entering into the YouTube and blogging world. I never thought I could feel so freaking satisfied doing something that provides me absolutely no income! How Sway??? I realize that this life is not for everyone but if you have a dream that involves leaving the security of the corporate world, let me encourage you real fast: Girl just do it! Do what you love, keep God first, and watch your beautiful life blossom because there is no limit to how great you can become! Start that business you’ve been thinking about. Sell all your worldly possessions and become the hippie you’ve always dreamed of. Travel the entire world and live to tell your grand kids all about it. That my friend, is what you call living! Don’t you want your kids to see mom manifesting her dreams; or coming home everyday complaining about your annoying boss? Doing what you love, with your family is better than anything!

  4. You get more time with your kids! This here is my biggest point!

    I personally believe that our children get put on the back burner because most of our focus gets placed on other things. I have seen with my own eyes, parents getting so caught up with all the hustle and bustle that they don’t recognize when a child is hurting, or that a child needs some attention. This happens way too often! As a child I went through some very horrific things that changed my life and my parents had no clue. They were not paying attention. It wasn’t because they didn’t care; it was more so because of them working so hard to provide this perfect lifestyle for us that they didn’t see the signs. Living on a golf course was nice and all, but it definitely didn’t fix the unseen trauma I faced as a kid… Whew, I digress! This point I am trying to make is that, children require so much love and attention. This world is brutal and our children should be able to come home and have physically, mentally, and emotionally available parents to talk to, confide in, and receive all the love and comfort they need! This right here is one of the main reasons I decided to stay home! I get one chance at being their mom, and once they’re adults, there is no more going back. Kids grow up so fast, so why not focus on them right now? As an adult, I look at all the very successful people I know, and the difference between them and everyone else is, they had parents heavily involved in their lives. So even if you still choose to work a 9 to 5, make the decision to be more involved. Read to your children. Spend time talking to them about their dreams and goals. Even if they are older, take time to help them with really important projects and research papers. Make sure that you are always available to talk about any and everything. These are some things that can make a huge difference in a child’s life.

Staying home with my kids can be challenging at times, but the reward is so worth it. I understand that some moms may not have this privilege (even though I see it as a sacrifice), but I encourage all moms to step back and evaluate what is truly important and what is not. Our children need us and it is not the world’s job to raise them. It’s not the school system’s job to raise our kids and not YouTube’s job, to raise these precious angels! We have to be intentional with what, where, and how we spend our time.

Lastly, being a stay-at-home-mom is dope, awesome, bomb, LIT (whatever your word preference may be)! I am still a “Mom Boss”! I am even beginning to be more confident with announcing my title in a room full of highly educated professional women. I just OWN IT! So whatever your title is, you should own it! If you’re a proud working mom, OWN IT! If you’re a weird homeschooling mom, OWN IT!

Alright girl, I’m done typing now! I appreciate you stopping by with your beautiful self! See you in the next blog!

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